Marina Cruzo


The new song of Marina Cruzo will be announced at the end of September

The new song of Marina Cruzo called “Labyrinth” has absolutely lived up to its name. The composer Roman Ignatyev and the singer herself could not even dream that the song would have such a difficult fate. A series of tragic and mysterious events made them to record this composition in another country. And moreover, nobody could imagine that the work on the arrangement would involve so many people, unrelated and unfamiliar with each other, from the composer and performer Petr Kiselev, well known in musical circles, to American sound producers from Los Angeles. Like going down the intricate labyrinth paths, the performer and her producer went to the intended target, approaching it, and sometimes they chose completely the wrong way, considerably moving away from it. For example, while working on the song, they saw the necessity of the choir for the most complete and accurate desired sound. But it was not evident what type of choir, male or female, or perhaps even mixed, it should be. It took them more than 3 weeks to find a solution, which would meet requirements of the performer, producer and audio engineer. By that time they managed to engage Sergey Bolshakov, famous for his works with Zemfira, Mumiy Troll and Bi-2 band, in the project. With his help the musical labyrinth path has finally taken shape, where everybody could notice the exit.

A bit of rock sounding of the classic orchestra, medieval Gothic chorals, the special rhythmic power of Boris Lifshits, the Bi-2 drummer, and, of course, the superb performance style of the singer Marina Cruzo merged into the new composition “Labyrinth” to prove once again to the audience that new music will be vital today and forever.

The song, which shall become the highliner of the same-name new album by Marina Cruzo, is almost ready. The “Labyrinth” shall be delivered at the end of September!