Marina Cruzo


The new clip “Don´t close your eyes”

Копия-418117_3401925610678_487140376_n-412x300The squeak of an old house, disappearing shapes from paintings, secret symbols given by objects… Doors, leading to small secret rooms, mysterious corridors, each of which keeps its own history and riddle… A kaleidoscope of appearances. Somebody goes towards the light, somebody is afraid of dark, somebody is paralyzed by fear, and somebody shall be cured. Who are these people? Are they ghosts? Or are they thoughts? Is this the beginning of a new thriller or something else?

The girl in white, who is unable to escape from captivity. And he, who walks towards the voice. What awaits them in the future? Is it luck? Refuge? Fiasco? Perhaps a failure of hopes and separation? Surely, there is no force able to defeat love, yet how can we understand where duties end and feelings start? In any case, everybody will be able to see and hear something individual there.

When the stars aligned in such a way, that history is suddenly born from the whirl of music, when the desire to do something together is greater than a hundred reasons not to, when there is inspiration, and all the “for” and “against” arguments are left far behind, it is only then that there is a real chance to see why things happened the way they happened.