Marina Cruzo


Marina Cruzo recorded her new song ”Angel of Midnight”

935632_10151427329576704_1137330071_n2-414x300The recording of Marina´s new soundtrack “Angel of Midnight” has been completed. Today, as always, the recording of a musical composition implies several stages: the melody should have a correct arrangement, and the musicians should perform with filigree precision, attention to the smallest details and nuances.


The composer Roman Ignatyev, who is widely known to the public for the “Monte Christo” and “Count Orlov” musicals”, wrote this song for Christmas, a time when adult people believe in miracles and make wishes, which they believe must certainly come true. Captured by this romantic spirit, Roman named the song “Angel of Midnight”. For Marina Cruzo, this music became symbolic. Shortly before this, the singer made the important decision to leave classical opera and to enter the world of classical crossover, yet unexplored by her. Certainty and confidence in the right choice came after several months of contemplation and search for an easier sound, corresponding to the new genre. And in a couple of days the producer brought this song to Marina.

The famous Russian orchestra “Musica Viva”, which performed on such symbolic events as the opening of the Theatre of the Nations, was initially selected for the recording of the music. But the divergent interpretations of the producer and the orchestra with regards to the sounding of the song, and the incompatible schedules of the musicians, consequently lead to a termination of the cooperation contract. The search for another orchestra, which began thereafter, resulted in the selection of one of the best orchestras of the Czech Republic – the Moravian Philharmonic.

A peculiar incident occurred at the recording: after several repeated attempts to play from music, the musicians became puzzled and just threw up their hands: no matter how hard they tried, the song always came out as “heavy”. A sudden flash of inspiration then struck Peter (Petr Vronský), the conductor, and before the recording of a subsequent double, he addressed the musicians: “You see, this music – it´s like a river. It cannot be played under the guidance of a metronome, and in parts, as is common. Let us just play it according to feeling, but still consulting the notes for help once and then”. And the orchestra boomed… And the way it was done was astonishingly different from the previous versions. The song now became alive – awakening the desire to listen to the music over and over again.

This incident still brings a smile to Marina’s face. When the turn came to record the vocal, the memories of this incident and the conductor’s accurate association helped the singer to create the necessary mood. It was pleasant to see the courage and pleasure with which she sang. And here it is: the song is ready. Listen to it, enjoy it, and, if you really like it, do not forget to tell your friends about it.