Marina Cruzo


Haveford Music Festival

The invitation to perform at the Haveford music festival came at the end of July, shortly after the release of Marina Cruzo’s new clip “Don’t close your eyes”. It felt great and very natural. The first impression is always the strongest one, and I also really wanted it to be a pleasant one, and life therefore somehow transformed into an incredible, tense, and at the same time joyful kaleidoscopic experience during the month of preparation, feeling like preparations for the first ball. The outfit for the performance was selected the last minute – the blue dress from Max Studio really highlights Marina’s eyes!

The one-hour performance was full of warmth. “Hijo de la luna”, Angel of Midnight, and firstly performed “Treasure of Love” and “Stranger of Paradise” left nobody unmoved. But it was the most pleasant to see two women in the hall, who began to sing along “We´ll meet again”, and then asked for an autograph.

The organizers, Alfred and Nicole Fichera, were also very pleased with Marina´s performance, and asked her to give an interview for the local radio station Radio Philli after the concert. You can see the photos from the performance in our “Gallery” section and on the festival’s website.

And in a short while there will also be a video, so please follow the news and announcements for the next concerts!