Marina Cruzo


Filming the new videoclip

Recently, the filming of the clip for Marina Cruzo’s new song “Aria” was completed. The director´s plan was to make the clip fashionable, dynamic and modern – completely unlike those costume-orientated historical plots, which are usually suggested by directors when it comes to filming of opera music.


“But we are classical crossover, not opera”, – smiles Marina. “We have a young team and we really like experimenting”.

This is the first video reel for the song from the future album “Labyrinth”. The first task that Marina put before her in this reel was creation of a bright, modern and memorable appearance. This idea was by no means easy to implement, and very few truly understood the end purpose of it, and probably even fewer dared to finally bring it to life. A more interesting conception was suggested by a young but actively progressing group “DIKYE” (THE WILD ONES). It was the director of this team to suggest creating not just one, but as many as 4 appearances, all of which would reveal different nuances of the young singer´s mood to the spectator.

“With this clip, we tried to depict a modern young girl, who is capable to be strict and sensitive at the same time” – says Denis, the producer of the clip.

The place for filming was suggested by the producer as well. It was located in the big modern Moscow photostudio, not far from the historical center of Moscow. The choice of the song “Aria” for the first video clip was not incidental, as it is the composition that brings the potential audience into the world of classical crossover, and also sets the mood for the interpretation of the next songs. And the costumes invented by Yulia Zheltobrykhova – the leading stylist of the Los Idolos company – support the desired mood in the clip. The appearances were fancied by Marina to such an extent that they may well be used again in the scenic version of the new album.

You will be able to see the results of our joint efforts in a couple of weeks.