Marina Cruzo


Review of “WE’LL MEET AGAIN”

Marina Cruzo is a classical crossover artist now based in Russia. Her self-released debut album We’ll Meet Again (2009) is a collection of both classical crossover standards and other songs featuring the singer’s stunning mezzo-soprano vocal work. The thirteen tracks on perfect length album were arranged by Igor Ivanchenko and[…]

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Haveford Music Festival

The invitation to perform at the Haveford music festival came at the end of July, shortly after the release of Marina Cruzo’s new clip “Don’t close your eyes”. It felt great and very natural. The first impression is always the strongest one, and I also really wanted it to be[…]

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The new clip “Don´t close your eyes”

The squeak of an old house, disappearing shapes from paintings, secret symbols given by objects… Doors, leading to small secret rooms, mysterious corridors, each of which keeps its own history and riddle… A kaleidoscope of appearances. Somebody goes towards the light, somebody is afraid of dark, somebody is paralyzed by[…]

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Christmas and New Year are the most magical holidays! They are also Marina´s favorite holidays: Since childhood and until now, the anticipation of wonder, of festivity, and the faith in the good Santa Claus who will fulfill all my secret wishes and hopes every December, lives inside of me! I[…]

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Video clip “Aria”

Our clip is ready!!! We are proud of it, and we really hope that you will like it too! The new song by Marina Cruzo “Aria” opens up the first page of her future album. Let this journey be a success!

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Filming the new videoclip

Recently, the filming of the clip for Marina Cruzo’s new song “Aria” was completed. The director´s plan was to make the clip fashionable, dynamic and modern – completely unlike those costume-orientated historical plots, which are usually suggested by directors when it comes to filming of opera music.   “But we[…]

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